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Ground-Mount Solar PV Rises Alongside Major Asian Markets

Global PV demand trends can be evaluated in a number of ways, for example by customer, by application type, or by region. Dissecting demand data this way can reveal important trends in terms of how the industry operates, as different segmentations have unique characteristics in terms of supplier and downstream business model preferences, and can even impact long-term technology trends.

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Solar PV Growth Rates Grab Headlines But Shipment Volumes Remain the Ultimate Goal

Headlines in the PV industry are often dominated by strong annual growth rates, highlighting markets or segments that are expected to double, triple, or even quadruple over the coming years. However, these growth rates tell only part of the story and often overlook the fact that many of these high growth rates are a result of low historic demand as much as strong future demand. As such, it is as important to know demand baselines when attempting to understand what growth means in terms of actually affecting the global solar PV picture.

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US Solar PV Trade Investigation Leads to Surge in Chinese Module Shipments

A recent snapshot analysis of the crystalline silicon solar PV supply-chain showed that China still maintains its dominance in PV manufacturing. This is despite actions stemming from continuing trade disputes that were aimed at curbing Chinese PV market-share growth rates.

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Ontario Reduces Solar PV FIT Rates and Scraps Local Content Rules

After a multi-year investigation conducted by the World Trade Organization (WTO), the province of Ontario, Canada has removed all local content requirements (LCRs) from its feed-in tariff (FIT) program as of 25 July 2014. The LCRs were an attempt to foster a renewable energy manufacturing base in Ontario, requiring renewable energy projects to use a minimum amount of content (up to 60%) in order to qualify for the FIT program.

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Major Asian Markets Set to Lead Growth Over Next Five Years

With legacy European markets continuing to decline, global solar PV demand is now being driven by Asian markets. Three of the Major Asia-Pacific countries are set to see annual demand double in 2014.

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